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Will the IRS Consider Sending Stimulus Checks To Families In-Person To Improve Its Distribution?

Stimulus Checks
IRS might consider to send the next stimulus checks physically. (Photo: AS English)

What might have sped up the distribution of stimulus checks and saved American households months, if not a year, of waiting for payments promised during the coronavirus pandemic?

Stimulus Checks

IRS might consider to send the next stimulus checks physically. (Photo: AS English)

Problems in Distributing Stimulus Checks

In a recently published article in FingerLakers, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the economy, many states throughout the country are distributing stimulus grants to assist people to get by. While the delta variant is the main cause of the slow recovery, a shortage of vaccines in certain areas is also posing problems as hospitals load up.

Meanwhile, countless sad tales have surfaced as families waiting for months or even a year for money promised by the federal government. In fact, there are single filers and families until today who did not receive their stimulus checks, child tax credit, and other aids due to technical glitches and problems.

The IRS has been chastised for its difficulties in delivering stimulus payments, tax refunds, and increased child tax credit payments, although others have speculated that technological constraints are to blame. This might be the time that the IRS should distribute in-person the next stimulus checks.

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Is It Possible for IRS To Send In-Person the Stimulus Checks?

As the IRS confronts a huge backlog of tax returns, processing stimulus checks, and child tax credit payments, some disgruntled taxpayers who are still waiting for stimulus payouts from 2020 are asking that question.

Craig Nolan, a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania resident said “It doesn’t make any sense that they didn’t just send checks out to everyone. My claim was processed — they tell me it’s part of an electronic backup. Banks, the IRS, everything all not working together.”

Nolan is waiting for his second stimulus payment, which the IRS said will come once he paid his taxes, just like millions of other Americans.

Early in the coronavirus outbreak, the IRS announced that anybody who had received a tax refund through direct deposit would not get a paper check. Most filers have switched to electronic payment methods in recent years, according to the IRS. While some individuals still get physical checks, the notion that it would have sped up the payment process is incorrect.

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