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Former Teacher Gets 41 Years Sentence After Sexually Abusing 5-Year-Old, 12-Year-Old Student

Ex-Teacher sexually abuse students in China. (Photo: The Washington Newsday)

After being convicted of sexually abusing and blackmailing a 12-year-old student in China while working as an English instructor, a Missouri man was sentenced to decades in prison.


Ex-Teacher sexually abuse students in China. (Photo: The Washington Newsday)

41 Years Imprisonment

In a recently published article in Newsweek, a federal judge in Springfield sentenced 48-year-old Curtis J. Baldwin on Friday to 41 years and eight months in prison without the possibility of release, in accordance with the Department of Justice (DOJ).

On October 5, 2020, Baldwin entered a plea of guilty to sexually exploiting a juvenile and receiving and distributing child pornography. If Baldwin is ever freed from jail, he will be close to 90 years old and will spend the rest of his life under supervised release.

Ex-Teacher Returned To the U.S. After Committing the Crime

On the 20th of November, 2019, the former instructor arrived back in the United States. A 5-year-old girl pupil named “Jane Doe 1” accused him of abuse, according to court papers, according to Law & Crime.

He was dismissed as an English language teacher at an EF Education First school in China one week earlier. In the words of the young lady’s parents, Baldwin had “touched her improperly.” After that, the girl’s parents notified the school, who then examined security video and discovered unsettling pictures.

Ex-Teacher Sexually Abuse the Student, Caught on Cam

According to the court complaint, school employees looked at surveillance video from the school’s Closed Circuit TV system. Ten films ranging in duration from 14 seconds to 43 seconds were selected from the available security material. According to the school staff, the films showed Baldwin kissing [on the lips and face], embracing, and perhaps touching Jane Doe 1 in her ‘private regions.

Additionally, according to the lawsuit, Baldwin requested that Jane Doe 2 give him sexually explicit photos and/or videos of herself. Baldwin said in the WeChat conversations that if Jane Doe 2 refused to comply, he would post a video of Jane Doe 2 that seemed to show Jane Doe 2 engaging in sexually explicit conduct on the Internet.

Baldwin had to flee China before he was sacked. One month following his return to Springfield, the school received a second complaint of possible sexual abuse by Baldwin, this time involving the student he would eventually be found guilty of abuse, who was referred to in court papers as “Jane Doe 2.” The student’s parents informed the school’s administration that Baldwin had contacted their daughter from the United States through the WeChat app.

Searches conducted by the DOJ discovered child pornography files on Baldwin’s MacBook Pro computer, including films he had made of young Chinese girls engaging in sexually explicit behavior. Baldwin produced a sexually graphic film called “My First Project,” which seems to include a young Springfield girl.

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