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12-Year-Old Boy Fatally Died After a State Patrol Trooper Chase Their Car, Corpse of the Boy Not Yet Released

Leden Boykins
Leden Boykins (via WXIA).

A high-speed chase that resulted in a fatal accident claimed the life of a 12-year-old boy. On the morning of September 10, Leden Boykins was a passenger in a car driven by a neighbor pursued by Georgia State Patrol Troopers.

The family is in mourning. A 12-year-old boy was murdered in a high-speed police chase in Georgia (via WXIA).

12-Year-Old Boy Called Before He Fatally Died

In a recently published article in 11Alive, Leden’s parents learn more about why their neighbor was fleeing the troopers, they’ve urged Georgia State Patrol to explain why the troopers couldn’t have found a way to save Leden’s life rather than terminating the chase the way they did.

Members of the Boykins family met on Sunday to attempt to console each other as they grieved and raged, crying and shaking in each other’s arms. They were inquiring vehemently about Leden’s death. Patricia Williams, who was weeping, claimed Leden contacted her only seconds before he was killed.

“I’m on my way, Granny; I’m almost home,” he said. And he didn’t show up…” State troopers, according to Williams and Leden’s parents, Toni and Anthony Boykins, might have saved Leden’s life.

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When he was killed, his parents were in Michigan for a family burial. Living with Leden at the family’s Paulding County home, his grandmother had permitted him to earn some money this past Thursday by following a close friend and neighbor to his night job cleaning parking lots. The driver’s neighbor and his 14-year-old kid joined us for the ride.

Details of the Incident

According to the Georgia State Patrol, he was pulled up for speeding on the way home. He refused to show his driver’s license, they said. Instead, he drove off and continued speeding and driving recklessly for three and a half miles down Highway 92 until troopers used a PIT technique to stop him, according to the GSP.

His automobile veered off the roadway and rolled over. Leden was shot and died. The driver and his youngster were both unharmed. He has not been apprehended and is facing accusations.

The driver’s wife later informed the Boykins that when troopers initially stopped him, a Black man, he had his son called 911, according to the Boykins.

“I need you to send a supervisor out here, there are too many police cars, and I’m afraid for my life,” he told the 911 operator, Toni Boykins said.

Anthony Leden, Leden’s father, claimed the driver’s wife told him he informed the troopers he considered himself a “sovereign citizen” and refused to roll down the windows as his 14-year-old son dialed 911.

According to the family, troopers attempted to break through the windows during the stop. While his 14-year-old son was trying to get 911 to send police or Sheriff’s deputies to intervene, the driver’s wife told Anthony that he was so scared for himself and the two boys that he drove away with the 911 operator still on the line.

Regardless of whether the driver’s actions were justified, Anthony said troopers would have seen two children in his car right away, irrespective of the charges he might face.

“What I do know is that your decision-making process is supposed to kick in when you see those kids,” Boykins said. “But couldn’t they put up a roadblock to keep those kids safe?” They couldn’t think of anything else to do but flip that car over?”

Leden’s parents claim that no one from law enforcement has informed them of his death or reached out to them in any way.

“We’re trying to figure out who identified the body and why the body was released for an autopsy without informing the parents,” Anthony said.

Corpse of the 12-Year-Old Boy Not Yet Released

They now claim no one will tell them where Leden’s body is or when he will be released. Lindsey Eberhart Fuller, the Paulding County Coroner, told 11Alive on Monday that her office spoke with the family multiple times over the weekend and informed them of Leden’s death and the location of his body.

According to Eberhart Fuller, positively identifying the young boy and obtaining contact information for his family took time. She said her office could not contact the boy’s parents, who were traveling, once he was identified and contact information was found.

The coroner said that she told Leden’s father that his body had been transferred to the GBI headquarters for an autopsy, which is a usual procedure given the victim’s age and the potential of criminal charges being brought. Leden, who was in seventh grade, would have been celebrating his 13th birthday.

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