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Biden’s Plan on Solar Power To Create Lots of Jobs in Arkansas

Solar Power
Solar Power in Arkansas is increasingly becoming popular. (Photo:

Environmental organizations in Arkansas are preparing to applaud Vice President Joe Biden’s administration’s plan to boost solar power in the United States.

Solar Power

Solar Power in Arkansas is increasingly becoming popular. (Photo: KTWA)

Solar Power Will Become Popular in Arkansas

In a recently published article in FOX24, the study from the Department of Energy detailed a strategy for solar power to account for 40 percent of the nation’s energy in 15 years. According to Glen Hooks, president of the Arkansas Sierra Club, this is fantastic news for solar energy in Arkansas.

Hooks said, “The way that it’s being structured is going to create millions of new jobs across the country, lots of them right here in Arkansas, while also cleaning up our air and water and drastically reducing electricity prices.” He also added that solar power is becoming increasingly popular.

Arkansas Advanced Energy Association Embraced Biden’s Plan

Executive director of the Arkansas Advanced Energy Association Lauren Waldrip said that installing solar panels is getting more affordable, which may make it simpler to increase their usage in the state.

Waldrip added that “Biden’s announcement was certainly welcome by our industry. We know that the falling price of solar panels could make it certainly feasible to produce more than half the nation’s electricity by 2050.” Meanwhile, The city of Fayetteville established a goal in 2018 to use renewable energy to power all of its municipal buildings by 2030.

Hooks also said “You see in the city of Fayetteville and the city of Clarksville going 100% renewable energy for their municipal power sources and the reason they’re doing this is because they are able to save money, in addition to being good for the environment,”

Benefits of Solar Power

Among the many advantages of solar panels, the most significant is that solar energy is a genuinely renewable source of energy. It may be used in any part of the globe, and it is accessible 24 hours a day. Solar energy, unlike certain other forms of energy, cannot be depleted. Solar energy will be available as long as the sun exists, therefore humans will have access to it for at least 5 billion years after the sun dies, according to experts.

Your energy costs will decrease since you will be able to satisfy part of your energy requirements with the power produced by your solar system. The amount you save on your bill is determined by the size of your solar system and the amount of energy or heat you use. If you run a company and utilize commercial solar panels, for example, this move may save you a lot of money since the big system size can cover a lot of your energy costs.




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