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COVID-19 Variant ‘Mu’ Detected in 49 States: What to Know About the New Strain

Mu variant
Coronavirus digitally generated image (Photo: Health Magazine)


Mu variant

WHO’s latest variant of interest. (Photo: The Scientist Magazine)

The World Health Organization (WHO) added to its list of coronavirus variants the B.1.621, or mu variant. It has been distinguished in 49 US states.

Nebraska is apparently the single state where the mu variant has not yet been detected. There are estimated 2,400 confirmed cases in such states except Nebraska.

Not a ‘Variant of Concern’

According to Dr. Philip Huang from the Dallas County Health and Human Services, WHO experts label mu as a “variant of interest.” It has not yet reached the threshold for a “variant of concern.”

In Colombia in January 2021, the mu variant was first detected. However, it was not officially specified as a VOI until August 30, reported Weekly Epidemiological Update the previous week. According to the organization, “The mu variant has a constellation of mutations that indicate potential properties of immune escape.” It underscored that inoculated persons apparently exhibit diminishing in the neutralization capacity against the variant.

Detected in 42 Countries

The variant has also been confirmed in numerous nations. However, the delta variant still holds the title of the most dominant and alarming strain of the coronavirus, reported 11 Alive.

Health officials are monitoring the mu strain to assess if it becomes pervading.

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States with a greater approximate prevalence of the variant include Hawaii and Alaska. However, across the United States, the variant has been identified in less than 1% of samples.

“Variant of interest” translates that WHO officials have distinguished the strain to possibly make an impact on mu’s illness extremity and transferability. They also indicated it may elicit outbreaks in the course of time.

WHO stated there were merely some reports of greater outbreaks of the coronavirus strain, specifically in Europe and South America. These come along with a small amount of infrequent case reports. The United Nations agency remarked further studies are necessitated to identify the mu variant’s properties.

Highest Number of Mu Variant Cases

The highest number of cases of the most recent variant goes to California with 384 cases. One hundred sixty-seven of such cases were discovered in Los Angeles County.

On Sunday, top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said the delta variant is more than 99% of the cases. This variant has mutations that display it could evade the shielding from distinguished antibodies.

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