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COVID-19 Takes Away Life Of A Mom Days After Giving Birth

Newly Born Baby
Woman dies days after giving birth due to COVID-19. (Photo: Business Insider)

COVID-19 claimed the life of a Seagoville mother of three only four days after giving birth to a newborn baby girl.


Woman dies days after giving birth due to COVID-19. (Photo: Business Insider)

Krystal Blackwell has been experiencing symptoms for approximately two weeks, Fox4News said. She is currently the mother of two boys and a newborn baby girl who is just a week old.

COVID-19 Claiming Mom’s Life

Krystal Blackwell, Angela Rowan’s closest friend, has known her since they were around four years old. According to Rowan, Blackwell was devoted to her two boys, David and Dylan, and was looking forward to the birth of her third child, expected next month.

According to Rowan, COVID-19 symptoms initially appeared in Blackwell’s two kids. Then she began to experience allergy-like symptoms.

Blackwell admitted to Rowan that he lacked strength and was exhausted. She went on to say that she didn’t want to eat and didn’t have any appetite.

COVID-19 was shown to be present in Blackwell’s system. Blackwell, according to Rowan, was not vaccinated.

Blackwell was in the hospital the next thing Rowan knew. Blackwell went to the doctor for preeclampsia, and it all went worse from there.

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On August 30, Blackwell gave birth to her daughter Rylee by emergency C-section. She died four days after being placed on a ventilator. Blackwell’s sister has taken in Blackwell’s two boys as well as her newborn daughter.

A single mother raising two children was overjoyed to finally receive the daughter of her dreams that she had always wished for, and to have her snatched away from her is heartbreaking, Rowan said. She added the infant will never be able to see or communicate with her mother.

COVID-19 Safe For Pregnant Women

The COVID-19 vaccination is safe for pregnant women, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Studies indicate vaccines do not raise the chance of miscarriage. The CDC has identified no safety issues in women who were vaccinated late in pregnancy or their infants.

Another study also mentioned that pregnant women may fare better than their non-pregnant counterparts when it comes to COVID-19 vaccination side effects.

The study, published in JAMA Network Open, adds to a growing body of data showing the injections are safe, efficacious, and well-tolerated in pregnancy and comes on the heels of recent CDC guidelines that recommend the shots for all pregnant women.

However, the study emphasizes that, despite continuing clinical studies, pregnant women do not seem to be at a higher risk of poor outcomes. In a press release, principal author Dr. Alisa Kachikis stated said pregnant individuals do well with the vaccination.

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