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Tax Refund Delay? Here’s Why Your Payment Is Delayed, IRS Says

$2,000 Monthly Stimulus Checks
Petition for $2,000 Monthly Stimulus Checks gains more than 2.8 million supporters (Photo: BGR)

Have you lately relocated from your home? Your stimulus check payments and tax advantages might be delayed as a consequence of this. You may get your monetary benefits on time by updating both the IRS and the USPS with your current address.

Millions of Americans are still waiting for the IRS to provide them the money they were promised. Unfortunately, the bulk of them have been waiting months for a response. One cause of the delay is a sudden change of address without warning.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to update your IRS and USPS profiles. The former need the information to correctly process your budget allocation. The latter requires you to send your paper check or EIP card.

Failure to perform this update may result in two types of payment delays.

Stimulus Checks

IRS warns of stimulus check scams. (Photo: Syracuse)

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Tax Refund Delay: USPS Gave Your Money to the Wrong Address

Government checks cannot be sent to all post offices. As a result, paper checks and EIP cards will only be delivered by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Delivering these papers to the incorrect address, as with the IRS, may create delays. Fortunately, you may change your address online right now. The steps are as follows, as given by Cnet:

  • Visit;
  • On the Official USPS Change-of-Address Form, click “Get Started;”
  • Fill out the form with your updated information, such as your name, phone number, and old and new addresses. Check that the information you entered is correct, and then click “Next;”
  • You will be charged $1.05 to change your postal address, and the system will prompt you for your payment option. Prepaid credit or debit cards are not accepted;
  • You will get an email confirmation of the change of address after making the payment;
  • The postal service will send a USPS Confirmation Notification Letter and a welcome package anywhere from three to two weeks to finish the procedure.

Tax Refund Delay: IRS Gave Your Money to the Wrong Address

If you don’t change your address, the IRS will send your payments to the last address on file. After then, the IRS would certify that the money had been sent by mistake. There will be a delay while you wait for your money to be re-routed due to complaints about the procedure.

To prevent this, you must keep your IRS records up to date. This may be accomplished in two ways:

Download and complete Form 8822 to change your address. You must provide:

  • Your complete name.
  • Previous and new addresses.
  • Social Security number.
  • Individual taxpayer identification number.
  • Other such information.

You may also update your address by phone. But the IRS forewarned that it would need additional identification verification information.

Another option is to file your tax returns using your new address. However, depending on the conditions, this choice is restricted. Regular filers must wait until 2021 to amend their information, whereas late filers may do so with the 2020 tax returns. The IRS estimates that the transition will take four to six weeks to complete.

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