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Biden Says There Will Be Another Terrorist Attack in 24-36 Hours, Evacuation Enters Final Phase

Another terrorist attack on Kabul’s airport is “highly likely” in the next 24-36 hours, according to President Joe Biden.

Joe Biden


The U.S. Warned Citizens To Immediately Leave the Area

In a recently published article in The Guardian, as NATO troops advanced into the last stage of evacuations from Afghanistan and the Taliban signaled its preparedness to take control, the U.S. remained on high alert for another potential terror assault at Kabul airport, warning civilians to “immediately” evacuate the area.

On Sunday, the U.S. embassy in Kabul issued a second security notice in as many days, warning of threats to particular sections of the airport, including entry gates. It came after President Joe Biden warned that another terror strike in Kabul was “highly likely” to happen.

Meanwhile, Biden said that the nation would respond strongly and exactly when, in the place, and at the time that they choose. He further emphasized that everyone should be aware that the ISIS terrorists will not succeed, according to a published article in USA Today.

Biden Will Stick To Its Evacuation Deadline

The president has also said that he will meet his timetable to remove all soldiers from Afghanistan on Tuesday. A Western security official in Kabul told Reuters on Sunday that just over 1,000 people inside the airport still need to be evacuated out before soldiers leave, according to a published article in Al Jazeera.

Official, who is stationed at Kabul airport, said that they want to make sure that all foreign civilians and those in danger are evacuated as soon as possible. Once this procedure is completed, forces will begin to depart. However, it can also be remembered that Biden vowed to continue to assist the Afghans even after the deadline.

Biden Commits To Hunt the ISIS

Biden pledged to find and punish anybody involved in the heinous attack. He went on to say that the drone assault will go on unabated. This comes after a suicide bombing in which 13 U.S. military members were killed and others were injured.

The drone strike came a day after President Joe Biden vowed retribution for the terrorist attack in Kabul, while simultaneously saying that the rushed operation to transfer Americans out of Afghanistan will go on. Biden approved the assault on the ISIS-K planner, according to a person familiar with the case.

Needless to say, the President said that the situation on the ground is very dangerous and that the threat of terrorist attacks on the airport is very serious, therefore commanders have been instructed to prioritize force protection in whatever manner they can.

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