The messaging app announced a storage management tool to free up phone space. It will be available in the next few days.

The WhatsApp messaging application has redesigned its storage management tool so that users can identify, review and massively delete the contents that could be filling the phone memory.

Normally, the application allowed to choose one by one the elements to be deleted. This time, the tool will offer a preview of all the exchanged files in one place for you to make your selection from there.

According to portals such as Engadget, there will be shortcuts to specific files, such as photos, GIFs and content that has been forwarded multiple times. Those documents or videos that have a weight greater than 5 MB will also be seen separately .

The screen will also reveal a bar indicating the amount of memory occupied by WhatsApp files. Below that, it will include a list of the chats where such content has been shared.

Users can use this new tool by going to the ‘Settings’ section of the application and then selecting ‘Data and Storage’ and ‘ Storage Manager’ .

The storage management tool will be included in the new WhatsApp update, so it will reach users of the platform around the world this week, the company reported to Europa Press.

By Lana Rhodes

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