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Fejzulai Kujtim The Terrorist Killed In Vienna

The terrorist killed on Monday in the Vienna terrorist attacks by the police already has a name surname and affiliation His name was Feljezulai Kujtim and he was a servant of the Islamic State IS terrorist group

His loyalty to the jihad was like the action that sowed terror in the Austrian capital to the death He carried it out by wearing a belt allegedly loaded with explosives on his body with an automatic device a longrange weapon and several machetes

The man was identified early Tuesday after units specialized in bomb disposal confirmed that the apparent explosives he was carrying were false

Kujtim was born in Austria in 2000 to a family of Albanian immigrants from North Macedonia The Austrian Ministry of the Interior has already formally requested relevant information on this individual and cooperation from Europol from the Skopje authorities

Kujtim who had a Macedonian and Austrian passport bathed the Viennese capital in blood in an action that has left four dead and fifteen wounded some of them seriously but he was kind enough to facilitate the investigation launched by the police which now focuses on the search for at least one hit and run accomplice and the loose pieces of the mosaic

Among them how many individuals participated in the attacks and how they managed to get hold of the semiautomatic weapons used

As revealed by Interior Kujtim had a criminal record He tried several times to join the Jihad In 2018 he tried to travel to Syria and Afghanistan to join IS a group he even publicly idolized However he would not succeed because he did not have a visa They arrested him in Turkey and sent him back to Austria

On April 25 of last year he was sentenced to 22 months in prison for belonging to a terrorist gang His time in jail lasted less than expected and did not serve as a period of reflection On December 5 he was released on early parole based on the privileges granted to a young adult by the Juvenile Courts Act JGG

Since then he has filled social networks with videos and messages that it is now known advocated the attacks The German daily Bild claims that the perpetrator announced the action on Monday on Instagram but so far the attacks have not been claimed reports Afp

In his publications he portrayed himself as a jihad hero who had sworn to continue wherever he was His action was an announced chronicle which went unnoticed by the police social services and those responsible for the deradicalization program that he was supposedly obliged to follow

The Police broke into Kujtims home this morning gathered information about his possible accomplices and detained several people around him The Ministry of the Interior has not provided further details except that there are several open lines of investigation to find the whereabouts of at least one escaped attacker and detect a possible support network So far two people have been arrested

At dawn the police forcefully entered the Viennese home of the dead attacker and detained several people around the terrorist

Later two more arrests have been reported in the city of Sankt Pölten about 60 kilometers from Vienna in connection with the attack police sources have informed the Austrian agency APA

Heavily armed units of special agents have searched two homes in the aforementioned city capital of the federal state of Lower Austria where according to the Viennese newspaper Kurier they have turned everything upside down reports Efe

The German police reported on Tuesday that they had tightened controls at the border between Germany and Austria as part of an important device to search for suspects They are heavily armed and dangerous Nehammer stressed

These border controls are considered a tactical priority for the federal police a German police spokesman told Afp The government has asked citizens not to leave home

Four defenseless civilians have been killed at close range in cold blood an elderly man an elderly woman a young passerby and a waitress They have been suddenly and unexpectedly torn from life A police officer who bravely confronted the perpetrator He has been shot Austrian Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Tuesday

US elections live a duel of maximum tension between Donald Trump and Joe Biden begins

The parish priest of Lemoa on ETA It was not terrorism but a response to repression A war between sides
In a speech to the nation the head of government also stressed that several wounded are fighting for their lives in Viennese hospitals

It is now confirmed that this attack has clearly been an Islamist terrorist attack It has been an attack of hatred against our fundamental values our way of life our democracy in which all human beings are equal in rights and dignity has added

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