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Are You Aware The Movie Ice Age? What’s It’s Impact At The Box Office?

Ice Age
Ice Age

In Ice Age, Scrat is the tritagonist, one of the two main characters in The Meltdown, a major character in Dawn of the Dinosaurs, a supporting character in Continental Drift and in Collision Path, the central heroic antagonist. He is a sabre-toothed acorn-obsessed squirrel who lived during the ice ages, trying to store his precious acorn. He became the mascot of Blue Sky Studios, a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox, beginning in 2013. (Now owned by Disney). Ice Age was initially intended by Fox Animation Studios as a 2D animated film, but ultimately became the first full-length animated film for the newly-reformed Blue Sky, which had been turned into a computer animation studio from a VFX building.

What’s the storyline of the film?

When the latter closes entirely, the narrator speaks about the black hole before Scrat returns fully dressed with his acorn in his space suit. When he eventually returns, Scrat dances in celebration, but his win is short-lived before the black hole snatches the acorn into it, leaving Scrat unable to get it back. Scrat cries in rage after losing the acorn once again as he floats aimlessly in space. 


Scrat carried an acorn everywhere with him during the days of the ice age, hoping to find a place to store it for the winter. In order to continue his storage, Scrat also went out looking for other acorns, looking all over for acorns and nuts. 

With his fearlessness and determination, Scrat compensates for his failure to play. He’s very close to his beloved acorn, always holding it close to him, distressing him or even losing his mind if he’s lost. Scrat was fascinated with his beloved nut, a state of mind combined with his environment’s lack of common sense and knowledge, but Scrat was not completely incapable of other emotions. Scrat developed a rivalry with her after meeting Scratte, but he still saved her from falling to her death and they fell in love almost immediately, forgetting all about his acorn for a while. During the franchise, he ends up getting better at being mindful of his climate. 


When was the movie released and how was the response?

On March 15, 2002, Ice Age was released and had an opening weekend of $46.3 million, a significant amount not normally seen before the summer season, and well ahead of Fox’s most ambitious prediction of around $30 million. After Monsters, Inc. ($62.6 million) and Toy Story 2 ($57.4 million), Ice Age smashed the record for a March opening and was the third-best opening ever for an animated film at the time. Ice Age completed its $176,387,405 domestic box office run and grossed $383,257,136 worldwide, becoming the 9th highest gross in North America in 2002 and at the time the 8th best worldwide. 


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