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Reckoning: This Australian crime show will keep you hooked!


About the show

Reckoning is an Australian mini-series that comprises ten episodes. The story revolves around the missing case of a teenager. The show is created by David Eick and David Hubbard and came out on Netflix on 1st May 2020. All episodes of the series were directed by Shawn Seet, Jennifer Lacey, and Peter Andrikidis Jennifer.

Plot and Review

A teenager goes missing and is later found murdered in a suburban community. A serial killer is suspected to be the reason behind it. Hence two men, played by Sam Trammell and Aden Young, set on a path of creating havoc within their quiet community.

Although it sounds like one, “Reckoning” is not your average serial killer story.

Every episode has an average runtime of forty-five-minute. With every unfolding episode, it soon becomes clear that there is more to the story than what meets the eye. The story is told in a way that keeps the viewers guessing till the end. The True Blood fame, Sam Trammell, and the Rectify fame, Aden Young, deliver an impressive performance. On one hand, where Aden plays the role of a detective, Leo plays the role of a former serial killer. Consequently, this forms the basis of an interesting plotline. Like most action thrillers, the most intriguing part about Reckoning is connecting the dots.

Cast of the show

  1. Aden Young as Detective Sergeant Mike Serrato
  2. Sam Trammell as Leo Doyle
  3. Simone Kessell as Paige Serrato
  4. Laura Gordon as Candace Doyle
  5. Gloria Garayua as Detective Cyd Ramos
  6. Mitzi Ruhlmann as Amanda Serrato
  7. Toby Schmitz as John Ainsworth

Details about Season 2

Season 1 of the show was recently aired on Netflix. Hence season 2 is not expected to be released anytime soon. However, the possibility of release of the second season is expected in 2022, that is if Netflix first gives it a green signal!


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