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Rick and Morty – Insight into the show and more about season 4 premiere

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty


Rick and Morty is an animated adult cartoon, created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for Cartoon Network’s night time Adult Swim programming block. The animated series revolves around a mad scientist named Rick and his grandson, Morty. The series explores complex themes such as parallel realities and time travel with ease. The adventures of Rick and Morty range from exploring alien lands to converting themselves into inanimate objects such as a pickle!

This sci-fi animated series is a fresh take on the relationship between a grandfather and his grandson. On one side where Rick is selfish and carefree, Morty is kind and panic-stricken in every situation. The show also stresses the insignificance of the existence of a single human, when compared to the size of the universe.

After a successful run from season 1-3, the show was back with season 4 in November 2019 and concluded in May 2020.

Some of the fan-favorite phrases from season 1-3:

  • “It’s A Figure Of Speech, Morty! They’re Bureaucrats! I Don’t Respect Them!”
  • “What People Call ‘Love Is Just A Chemical Reaction That Compels Animals To Breed”
  • “I’m Not A Cow. I’m A Pickle. When I Feel Like It”.
  • “Nine More Seasons Until I Get That Dipping Szechuan Sauce!”
  • “Weddings Are Basically Funerals With Cake.”

The dark themes explored in a subtle mannerism, are reflected in the dialogues and plotlines of each episode. This makes the show mind-boggling and binge-worthy and one of its kind animation.


The name of the episode was “Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat”. This episode showcases Rick and Morty’s adventure to an alien planet to harvest special crystals that can show the holder all of their possible future deaths. Morty makes the mistake of taking one without Rick’s knowledge. Morty sees a peaceful death in his old age with Jessica by his side. This drove him to take rash actions which ultimately kill Rick. Rick’s hallucination provides Morty with certain instructions but he doesn’t pay heed to any. Morty then goes on to kill several people and creates utter chaos. Meanwhile, Rick’s consciousness is seeking help from all the other Ricks but his efforts are in vain. Ultimately, the situation is resolved and Rick and Morty decide to share responsibility in future adventures.

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