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Villarejo Said About Madrid That He Is Going To Tell Him

The judge of the National Court Manuel García-Castellón has agreed to accuse the businessman Javier López Madrid in separate piece number 24 of the Villarejo case for hiring the commissioner José Manuel Villarejo supposedly to “harass” Dr. Elisa Pinto , with which the former He was at odds and had crossed allegations of harassment.

In the car, to which EL PAÍS has had access, the magistrate attributes to López Madrid, Villarejo himself and his partner, the lawyer Rafael Redondo, the alleged commission of a bribery crime.

The magistrate makes it clear that this piece, opened last January , does not investigate the stabbing that the victim suffered on April 10, 2014, allegedly at the hands of the police -and for which a Madrid court has already given the first to put the businessman and the commissioner on the bench – but for the hiring of the policeman, who was still an active agent at the time, by the businessman.

The judge frames López Madrid’s assignment to Commissioner Villarejo “as one more of the ‘crisis management’ projects that the policeman carried out for clients in exchange for significant amounts of money.

To carry them out, the commissioner made use of his ability to access “sensitive investigations and information” and had the collaboration of other agents.

In the order, the judge points out the existence of abundant documentation on this charge among the material seized on the policeman, currently in prison, and his partner after his arrest in November 2017.

Among them, he cites two audio files in which Villarejo “ he talks to his interlocutors about his relationship with Elisa Pinto and, more specifically, some aspects concerning the episode of the alleged stabbing “.

In these conversations, the judge emphasizes that the policeman makes “express references” to the fact that López Madrid had hired him to do so.

In one of those files, recorded on January 26, 2017, the commissioner indicates to his interlocutor ―that the judicial document does not identify― that he is going to demand “a compensation payment” from the businessman after having been pointed out by Dr. Pinto in his He denounces the stabbing he suffered:

“I, when everything is over, when the complaint goes to the turkey and everyone who has helped him and such and such, I’ll talk to him, with Javierito … put a little money on me, because I’ve gotten into a embolaoand you haven’t even called me to tell me … “.

At another point in the same conversation, the policeman insists that he will ask López Madrid for more money: “I’m going to tell you, little boy, damages.”

Along with this conversation, the judge also reflects the existence of other documents on said commission, among them copies of the so-called “informative notes” that the policeman prepared to inform his clients of the progress of his efforts, press articles, documents of the own judicial proceeding opened for the stabbing of Dr. Pinto, and other audio files involving Dr. Pinto and third parties, as well as López Madrid and Villarejo’s partner.

In this sense, the order highlights the existence of a handwritten annotation in the agenda that was intervened by the policeman at his home and dated May 18, 2017, in which he “made direct reference to the foreseeable result of an agreed recognition round and then practiced in the Madrid Examining Courts ”in June of that year and in which Dr. Pinto pointed out Villarejo as the alleged perpetrator of his stabbing.

According to the investigations, the commissioner was interested in the investigations that the Homicide group of the National Police of Madrid was carrying out on that event and, specifically, in the result of the recognition round, the result of which Villarejo had tried to “distort”. according to the writing of the judge with whom he opened the piece

The opening of this piece of the summary occurred after Dr. Pinto presented a letter in October 2019 in which she requested to appear in the Villarejo case as injured since she considered that the retired commissioner was using one of her companies, the Group Cenyt, and his status as a policeman “to interfere” in the case that a Madrid court was following for his stabbing.

The doctor’s claim was rejected two weeks later, but her lawyer appealed and the judge finally not only admitted her appearance, but also ordered the opening of a specific piece.

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