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Boost Your Income by 24%: Embrace the Future with These Five Lucrative Jobs – Some Surprisingly Time-Tested!

Enjoy a pay boost of up to 24% by switching to a more in-demand job (Photo: TheBalance)

People businesses are seeing 24% salary growth, enticing people to switch employment in the new year.


Enjoy a pay boost of up to 24% by switching to a more in-demand job (Photo: FlexJobs)

Top Jobs Defying Market Slowdown and Layoffs

Even though the job market is slowing down and tech companies are laying off a lot of people in 2023, pay is going up in some fields. PayScale’s data shows the five most popular jobs that have seen the biggest pay gains in the last year.

1. Customer Service Assistant Manager
– Position: middle-level manager handling customer service.
Average pay is $44,200, which is 24% more than last year.
-Insights from the industry: Competitive pay is needed to attract and keep employees.

2. Hairdresser
Up 22% from last year, the median salary is now $34,000.
Advantages of the job: flexible hours and big tips, especially during the holidays.

3. Master Plumber
– Trade Overview: Old trade.
Median Salary: $82,700, which is 21% more than last year.
The plumbing industry needs more young plumbers because older plumbers are leaving.

4. Auto Body Repairer
– Trade Stability: As long as cars are made, there will be a big demand for your services.
Up 21% from 2022, the median salary is now $51,000.

5. Job Coach
– Duties: helping others with their jobs.
Pay: $46,600 on average.
The structure of their jobs: Many job coaches work as freelancers and decide their own pay and working conditions.
Note: They might not get services like health insurance and 401(k) payments that are normally available to W2 workers.

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