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‘Third Gender’ Option for Immigrants’ Official Documents- Biden Administration Introduces!

USCIS Introduces “X” as Third Gender Option for Immigrants on Official Documents

USCIS Introduces “X” as Third Gender Option for Immigrants, Emphasizing Inclusivity and Ease of Documentation

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), under President Joe Biden, recently announced that they are offering immigrants a new option to indicate their gender on official documents. There was just two options available before: “male” and “female.” However, a third gender option dubbed “X” is now available for people who don’t think they fall into either of those categories. According to USCIS, this modification will ensure that identity documents are fair and accurate for all people. In addition, they stated that immigrants will be able to select the new option without presenting any additional documentation and that it is not required to match their other documents, such as identification cards or birth certificates.

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‘Third Gender’ Option for Immigrants’ Official Documents- Biden Administration Introduces! (PHOTO: CNN)

USCIS Embraces Gender Diversity in Immigration Forms to Support Transgender Individuals and Enhance Inclusivity

The USCIS announcement, shared on a social media platform called X (which used to be Twitter), talked about this update to the naturalization application form. They said it’s important to recognize that not everyone identifies strictly as male or female, and the old way made things harder for those people. Now, with this change, they’re trying to make the process more welcoming and easier for everyone. This move is part of the Biden administration’s efforts to support transgender immigrants and make the immigration system more inclusive overall.

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