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US-DragonBear Tensions Amid a Divided World Cold War 2.0- A Look at the Global Standoff!

Cold War Tactics in Modern Times: Diplomacy Over Direct Conflict

US-DragonBear Tensions Amid a Divided World Cold War 2.0. (PHOTO: Al Jazeera)

Global Insecurity: Nuclear Concerns and Economic Shifts

Cold War was a time of big tension between the US and Russia. Instead of fighting directly countries are using different strategies like talking diplomatically or using money and power to get what they want without starting a big war according to Eurasia Review. Countries are still worried about nuclear weapons even though they’re not likely to be used. The way countries do business and trade with each other is also changing with some countries trying to make their own money system to be less dependent on the US. There are also some big conflicts happening, like between Ukraine and Russia, and Israel and Palestine which make the world feel even more unstable.

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A Shift in Global Dynamics

In the future things might get even more complicated. There will be a lot of elections in different countries and many people are choosing leaders who want to put their own country first. India is also becoming a bigger player in world affairs. How countries handle all these challenges will shape how the world looks in the future deciding who has power and how they use it.

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