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Missouri Governor Parson Requests $2.3M for Border Troop Deployment – A Significant Bid for Border Security!

Missouri Troops Deployed to Assist Texas Border Security

Missouri Governor Parson Requests $2.3M for Border Troop Deployment. (PHOTO: Missouri Independent)

Missouri Governor Parson Takes Action Amid Rising Border Concerns

Missouri Governor Parson decided to send around 200 National Guard members and up to 22 Highway Patrol members to help Texas with border security according to NPR News. This is because Texas asked for help and Missouri wants to assist. Their main job will be to build barriers and do security patrols along the U.S.-Mexico border starting from March. Missouri Governor Parson visited the border and saw many illegal crossings and more people being exposed to dangerous drugs like fentanyl in Missouri. He blames the Biden administration’s border policies for this. Missouri Governor Parson thinks waiting for the federal government to solve the problem is not working, so Missouri is taking action by sending troops to help Texas.

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Missouri Troops Deployed to Assist Texas Border Security

Even though Missouri isn’t right next to Mexico, Parson says the border problems affect the state too. He’s using $2.3 million from an emergency fund to pay for this deployment, and he plans to ask for more money from the government. Parson believes securing the border is essential for Missouri’s safety despite data showing most drug seizures happen at official border crossings not with migrants.

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