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UC Health Stealthy Tactics: Hiding in Shadows Among Annual Lawsuit Surge

Struggling Patients vs. Powerful Hospital

UC Health Stealthy Tactics. (PHOTO: CannonDesign)

Cathy Woods-Sullivan had to sell her special wedding ring to pay a big medical bill to UC Health the biggest hospital group in Colorado according to Aspen Public Radio. UC Health sues lots of patients who can’t pay their medical bills each year often using other companies to do it for them. This makes it hard for patients like Cathy to understand who’s suing them and why.

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A Patient’s Traumatic Encounter with Medical Billing

Lorena Sanchez had a scary accident and went to the hospital, but then she got a huge bill she couldn’t pay. Even though the hospital said she could get help paying, they still sued her by mistake. This made her feel even more worried and unsure about hospitals.

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The Ethical Dilemma of Healthcare Debt Collection

UC Health makes lots of money but they still sue patients who can’t pay their bills. This hurts people like Cathy and Lorena who are already struggling. It shows that sometimes hospitals care more about money than about helping sick people.

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