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Yale Physicians Transform Emergency Care for Opioid Use Disorder with Data-Driven Approach

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Yale Emergency Physicians pioneer a groundbreaking initiative using electronic health record (EHR) data to enhance opioid use disorder (OUD) care in emergency departments (EDs). The study, funded by the NIH HEAL Data2Action Initiative, focuses on integrating EHR data into the Clinical Emergency Department Registry (CEDR) to improve data access and infrastructure. The goal is to create quality measurement dashboards, ensuring standardized, real-time data for informed decision-making in OUD care and public health surveillance.

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Transformative Data Integration

Led by Dr. Arjun Venkatesh, the project leverages EHR and administrative data, automating extraction into CEDR to enhance the quality of ED care for opioid overdose and OUD outcomes.

The collaboration with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) strengthens the project, integrating emergency opioid prescribing and OUD care measures into a national registry.

The program seeks to close the disparity between data collection and life-saving care, empowering EDs to make data-driven decisions and respond effectively to opioid-related health challenges.

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Empowering Frontline Clinicians

Dr. Richard Andrew Taylor emphasizes the transformative potential of data infrastructure, setting a new standard in emergency medicine.

The project envisions making data-driven decisions the norm, providing actionable insights through developed dashboards for EDs nationwide.

By maximizing every byte of information, the initiative strives to empower frontline clinicians in the fight against opioid use disorder.

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