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Syncell Ignites Innovation: Unveils New U.S. Hub in Watertown, MA

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Syncell, a pioneer in the field of next-generation spatial proteomics, is pleased to announce the opening of its main US headquarters in Watertown, Massachusetts. This move is in response to the increasing demand for Syncell’s Microscoop technology among US clients. Servicing Syncell’s growing U.S. clients and showcasing the effectiveness of the company’s revolutionary Microscoop system will require the Watertown office.

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Increasing Global Presence

In 2020, Syncell was established in Taiwan with the intention of introducing its cutting-edge microscopic scooping technology to a worldwide market. The establishment of the Watertown office, which enables the company to effectively demonstrate the potential of the Microscoop system to a wider audience, is a critical step in achieving this goal.

Dr. Jung-Chi Liao, the CEO and founder of Syncell, expressed excitement for this new stage and acknowledged the overwhelming support from customers and the academic community. The shift is seen as a marker for the bright future of the business.

The subcellular spatial proteomic findings made possible by Syncell’s Microscoop technology have substantially advanced research on illnesses. It can be used to identify proteins associated with Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, and triple-negative breast cancer.

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Watertown Office Functions

The Watertown office will serve as a demonstration site and a support center for Global Rapid Access Service Program (GRASP) subscribers in the United States. By giving guests a hands-on look at the subcellular discovery capabilities of Microscoop technology, this center will showcase the technology’s operational capability.

In keeping with Syncell’s ongoing commitment to provide the best possible customer service, the building will house the company’s scientific and technical support teams operating in the United States.

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