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59,000+ Households Affected: Food Stamp Fraud Surges; Victims Face Reimbursement Challenges

(photo: WUSA9)

Food stamp fraud rises affecting many households victims struggle to claim reimbursement.

EBT Card Skimming: Food Stamp Fraud Surges, Affecting 59,000+ Households and $30M in Losses

Instances of food stamp fraud have surged, affecting over 59,000 households and causing a loss of $30 million in benefits. Despite promises to tackle the issue EBT card skimming schemes continue to harm recipients.

States like Florida and cities like Detroit and Dixon have reported numerous cases of SNAP benefit theft. The problem persists despite efforts to combat it, according to the report Salon.

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(photo: National Council on Aging)

President Biden Signs Law Reimbursing $62M in Stolen SNAP Benefits; Victims Face Claim Challenges

EBT cards lack modern security features, making them easy targets for scammers. The magnetic stripes on these cards provide minimal protection, leaving cardholders vulnerable to theft.

President Biden signed a law allowing federal funds to replace stolen SNAP benefits until September 2024. Over $62 million in benefits has been reimbursed, but many victims struggle to file claims.

A survey by Propel found that many victims don’t know they can claim reimbursement or face difficulties in doing so. The consequences of theft are severe, with victims often skipping meals or borrowing money to cope.

The USDA advises EBT cardholders to protect their PINs and monitor their accounts for unauthorized charges. However, addressing the root causes of fraud requires collaboration between government agencies and others.

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