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2024 State Child Tax Credits: Impact on Child Poverty and Families – Comprehensive Overview with Figures

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In 2024, lots of states improved Child Tax Credits to help poor families and children giving them money in advance and working with federal programs.

Expansion and Impact on Child Poverty

In 2024, 14 US states introduced fully refundable Child Tax Credits (CTCs) to help low- and middle-income families, aiming to reduce child poverty. States like California, Colorado and New York offer these credits while others like Vermont, Idaho, and Utah provide nonrefundable ones, according to the report of Marca.

This year, more states expanded or launched new CTCs. Some states, including Arizona provided one-time rebates. Colorado, Minnesota, and Vermont offer refundable credits of $1,000 or more per child showing significant investment in children’s welfare.

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Lawmakers Propose Measures to Enhance State Child Tax Credits in 2024

Lawmakers suggest measures to maximize the impact of these credits, such as making them fully refundable, setting maximum amounts per child, and exploring advanced payment options. These actions aim to ensure the credits reach those in need.

Minnesota, Oregon, and Vermont explore providing advanced CTC payments throughout the year to help families manage expenses better. While most state CTCs operate independently, some, like Oklahoma and New York, are tied to federal CTC versions.

The expansion of state CTC programs in 2024 is a significant step in supporting families and reducing child poverty, demonstrating a commitment to building a better future for all.

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