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SSI Beneficiaries Navigate Unusual 2024 Payment Schedule: Two Checks in May, None in June, and Double Payments in August – Insights and Dates

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SSI Beneficiaries Experience Unusual Payment Schedule in 2024

Two Checks in May, None in June, and Double Payments in August

In 2024, SSI beneficiaries got two payments in May but none in June because of a payment schedule quirk. Payments are usually on the 1st, but if that’s a weekend or holiday, they come the last business day of the previous month. This also means two payments in August, as September 1 falls on a Sunday, according to the report of Marca.

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Dates and Important Information for Beneficiaries

In 2024, SSI payments will be made on specific dates: May 31, July 1, August 1, August 30, October 1, November 1, and November 29. To qualify, you need limited income/resources, be blind, aged 65+, or have a disability. Children can also receive benefits. Payments adjust for living costs. If payment is late, wait three days before contacting SSA. Direct deposits depend on bank processing times. Stay updated on payment dates for smooth receipt.

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