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Maximizing Small Business Stability: How to Leverage COVID Stimulus Aid for Long-Term Success

(photo: Employment Resources Inc.)

Small businesses should treat COVID stimulus aid as temporary relief and use an investor mindset to manage it wisely for long-term stability.

Impact of COVID Stimulus Checks on Small Businesses

Small businesses received significant financial aid during the COVID-19 pandemic, including stimulus checks and loans. However, many owners mishandled these funds, leading to financial problems later on. They treated the aid as ongoing income rather than temporary relief which caused issues when the money ran out, according to the report of Certainty News.

Adopting the Investor Frame for Better Financial Decisions

To recover, businesses need to adopt an “investor frame” mindset. This means scrutinizing expenses and investments like an investor would focusing on returns and setting clear rules and goals. Prioritizing essential investments and demanding good returns are key.

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Properly Categorizing Income: Recurring vs. Windfall

Businesses should distinguish between regular income, like sales, and one-time windfalls, like government aid. They should use windfall money for one-time expenses and rely on regular income for ongoing costs. This helps avoid financial strain when temporary aid ends.

Reframe Your Financial Strategy for Success

Small businesses must rethink their financial approach after the pandemic. By managing expenses wisely, investing strategically, and understanding income sources and they can build resilience for the future. Success lies in planning for long-term stability rather than short-term gains.

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