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$3,500 And $12,000 Rumors Debunked; Meanwhile, Costco Sells Gold Bars for $1,300 and Up, Hopes to Lure Shoppers with More Than Just Bulk Deals!

No New IRS Stimulus Checks in 2024: Misleading Rumors Persist

California Confirms No Upcoming Stimulus Payments: Beware of False Claims

According to Fast Company in 2024 there are no new stimulus checks from the IRS or California despite what some online rumors might say. The IRS sent out three rounds of Economic Impact Payments between 2020 and 2021 to help people during the COVID-19 pandemic but those payments have ended. If you missed these payments you could only claim them as a recovery rebate credit for the tax year they were issued. Other tax credits like the Child Tax Credit or the Earned Income Tax Credit are still available but are not the same as direct stimulus checks. Stories about new checks like $3,500 from California or $12,000 from the IR are false and should not be believed.

The last federal stimulus check was issued in 2021 missed payments can only be claimed as tax credits for that year. California has also completed its recent financial aid programs such as the Golden State Stimulus and the Middle-Class Tax Refund. These programs provide one-time payments through direct deposits or debit cards, and there are no plans for new payments. A California spokesperson confirmed that no new stimulus checks are coming. Despite this, misleading stories keep spreading, giving people false hope. These false rumors are just meant to get clicks and are not based on any real plans.

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$3,500 And $12,000 Rumors Debunked; Meanwhile, Costco Sells Gold Bars for $1,300 and Up, Hopes to Lure Shoppers with More Than Just Bulk Deals! (PHOTO:

Costco Attracts Shoppers with Gold Bars, Boosting In-Store and Online Sales

Costco has found an interesting way to draw more customers by selling gold bars. The retailer, famous for bulk items, now offers one-ounce gold bars both online and in some stores. These bars have become popular, and Costco has seen a lot of interest and sales. Costco isn’t making a big profit on the gold itself, but they hope that offering it will bring more shoppers into their stores. Once there, customers might buy other products too. This new offering is part of Costco’s strategy to provide a wide range of products and keep their customers coming back.

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