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Over 3,000 Rhode Islanders Rely on SNAP for Grocery Assistance: Respond Promptly as Rhode Island DHS Resumes SNAP Interviews

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Rhode Island is restarting SNAP interviews so if you get a notice make sure to respond to keep your benefits.

Rhode Island DHS Resumes SNAP Interviews

The Rhode Island Department of Human Services (DHS) is resuming interviews for people receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits which were paused during the pandemic, according to the report of WPRI.

DHS Director Kimberly Brito said that anyone who doesn’t complete the interview could lose their benefits. “If you get a notice from us, you need to respond,” Brito told 12 News.

Some people might not respond to the notices and could temporarily lose their benefits, Brito explained. If that happens, they’ll need to reapply or complete the interview to get their benefits back.

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Rhode Island DHS Resumes SNAP Interviews: Ensure Eligibility with Required Documents and Avoid Losing Benefits

New SNAP applicants must also do an interview. Brito said they need to provide pay stubs and proof of residency looking at the last 30 days of income to determine eligibility.

More than 3,000 people in Rhode Island rely on SNAP to buy groceries according to DHS. This shows how important SNAP is for many Rhode Islanders.

Interviews can be done over the phone or at a DHS office and will take about half an hour for current recipients. They need to update their financial information, demographics, and any changes in household composition, Brito said.

Despite past complaints about wait times in DHS call centers and Brito said this won’t affect SNAP interviews because a separate phone line is being used for them.

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