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Immigration to the Rescue: Can New Workers and Taxes Save Social Security from Crisis?

Can Immigration Save Social Security? Experts Say Yes, It Could Bring in $1 Trillion in Tax Revenue

Immigration: The Surprising Solution to Social Security’s Funding Crisis?

According to Thehill, The US government is worried about running out of money for Social Security. This is because fewer Americans are working and paying taxes, and more Americans getting benefits. Some experts think that immigration could help solve this problem. They think that if more Americans move to the US and start working, they will pay more taxes and help fill the gap.

The Congressional Budget Office, a group that helps the government make financial decisions, said that if there were more immigrants, it would bring in an extra $1 trillion over 10 years. This is because immigrants would be paying taxes and contributing to the economy. The Social Security Administration also said that immigrants would help by paying Social Security taxes, even if they can’t collect benefits themselves.

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Immigration to the Rescue: Can New Workers and Taxes Save Social Security from Crisis? (PHOTO: The Motley Fool)

Immigration Debate: Can More Workers and Tax Revenue Help Fix Social Security’s Funding Crisis?

Some politicians have said that immigration is bad for Social Security, but experts disagree. They think that immigration could be a good thing for the program. The government is trying to figure out how to fix Social Security‘s money problems, and immigration is one of the ideas they are considering. As lawmakers make decisions about how to fund Social Security, immigration is likely to be a big topic of discussion.

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