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$379 Billion Budget Bill Passes House Republicans, Despite Threats of Veto and Controversial Riders: 209-197 Vote!

House Republicans Pass First Funding Bill for Fiscal 2025 Despite White House Veto Threat

The House Approves $379 Billion Budget for Veterans Affairs and Military Construction

According to The Hill House Republicans have passed their first funding bill for fiscal 2025 aiming at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Department and military construction. The bill was passed with a vote of 209-197 on Wednesday even though the White House has threatened to veto it. The proposed budget is $379 billion which Republicans say will fully support veterans’ healthcare and benefits. However, the bill includes controversial riders such as restrictions on abortion access which Democrats strongly oppose. Four Democrats voted for the bill while two Republicans voted against it. The budget plan includes over $337 billion for the VA with a large portion going to veterans’ medical care. More than $17 billion is allocated for Defense Department military construction and family housing. Representative John Carter (R-Texas) who led the bill’s creation stated that it aligns with the Fiscal Responsibility Act and fulfills commitments to veterans and troops. However Democrats have criticized the bill for including riders that would restrict abortion access block diversity and inclusion initiatives, and prevent access to gender-affirming care. They argue that these measures have severe negative consequences.

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$379 Billion Budget Bill Passes House Republicans, Despite Threats of Veto and Controversial Riders: 209-197 Vote! (PHOTO: WWLP)

Uncertainty Looms Over House GOP’s Funding Bill Amidst Partisan Divide

Even though the bill has passed in the House, its future is uncertain. Many lawmakers believe that a stopgap funding bill will be needed to extend funding beyond the November elections. The Biden administration has condemned the bill calling it partisan and potentially harmful. This sets up challenges for House GOP leadership as they try to advance their funding agenda. They will face tough negotiations and need to secure support for funding other critical agencies. This could be difficult especially as the November elections approach making it a significant challenge for Republican leaders. Furthermore, this bill’s passage highlights the deep partisan divide in Congress and the challenges ahead for bipartisan cooperation. The inclusion of contentious riders on abortion, diversity, and gender-affirming care has intensified the opposition from Democrats and the Biden administration who view these measures as harmful and divisive. As House Republicans push forward with their funding agenda they will need to navigate complex negotiations and potential compromises to secure broader support especially for other essential government agencies. The looming November elections add pressure making it crucial for both parties to find common ground to avoid a government shutdown and ensure continued funding for critical services.

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