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Texas SNAP Benefits June 2024: EDG 68-92 Payment Dates & Combatting Food Insecurity


Texas SNAP recipients with EDG numbers 68-92 will receive their benefits on certain dates in June 2024 helping them plan groceries and combat food insecurity in the state.

Texas SNAP Benefits Distribution Schedule June 2024: EDG 68-92 Payment Dates Revealed

In June 2024, Texas SNAP recipients, totaling 3.4 million, are eagerly awaiting their monthly benefits vital for planning grocery shopping. Payment dates are determined by EDG numbers, with recipients between 68-92 set to receive funds this week. SNAP benefits can be used for food purchases within a 30-day approval period excluding items like fuel or alcohol, reported by Marca.

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Prorated Payments, EBT Deposits, and Addressing Food Insecurity

Prorated SNAP benefits may combine two months worth of payments in one EBT deposit, simplifying the process for recipients. This helps Texas efficiently address food insecurity by ensuring timely support reaches eligible households with clear guidelines and structured distribution schedules.

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Furthermore, Texas SNAP recipients should be aware that benefits are distributed between the 1st and 28th of each month, depending on their EDG number. It’s essential to check your specific payment date to ensure timely access to funds for purchasing groceries.

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