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$858 Summer Energy Bills for Texans in 2024 – You Must Know the Top Energy-Saving Tips!

Texans Face High Energy Bills This Summer

Texas Households Bracing for $858 Energy Bills This Summer

Texans should prepare for high energy bills this summer with costs expected to reach up to $858 according to a new report by the National Energy Assistance Directors Association (NEADA). The report warns that families in Texas along with those in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma will face the highest average energy bills in the country with a slight increase of $15 from last summer, according to Austin American-Statesman. This spike in energy costs is part of a broader trend affecting Americans nationwide who are projected to pay an average of $719 for energy between June and September.

The NEADA report highlights a concerning issue for low-income families many of whom might struggle to afford air conditioning. Without the means to pay their energy bills some families face power cutoffs making their homes unbearably hot. Others resort to coping strategies like opening windows or taking cool showers but these can be ineffective or even dangerous during extreme heat waves. The rising energy costs follow a winter season marked by expensive heating bills which have left many households in debt. Nationally the amount owed to utilities surged from $17.5 billion in January 2023 to $20.3 billion by December 2023. Around 21.2 million American households or 16% of the total are behind on their energy payments according to NEADA.

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$858 Summer Energy Bills for Texans in 2024 – You Must Know the Top Energy-Saving Tips! (PHOTO: EnergySage)

Top Energy-Saving Tips for Texans to Slash Summer Bills

Texans can reduce their energy costs by following these simple tips:

To start with a simple thermostat adjustment can have a significant impact. Adjusting the temperature slightly warmer in the summer and slightly colder in the winter can help conserve electricity.

Next you can save a lot of money by selecting energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs.

By patching up any gaps around windows and doors you can keep cool air inside your house longer.

Another way to keep a comfortable temperature inside is to block off the sun’s rays during the warmest portions of the day by drawing the curtains or blinds closed.

An affordable substitute for using air conditioning exclusively is to use ceiling fans to move air around.

In the long run investing in renewable energy sources like solar panels could save a lot of money for those wishing to make a longer-term purchase.

Texans can reduce their energy expenses by taking advantage of the energy-saving initiatives offered by several utility companies.

Unused energy can also be avoided by unplugging appliances and electronics when not in use.

Energy-saving measures include washing clothing in cold water and letting them air dry rather than using a dryer.

Finally adding a programmed thermostat can further reduce energy consumption by automatically adjusting the temperature while no one is home.

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