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Allegheny County Council Simplifies Property Tax Appeal Process, Allowing Pre-Payment Appeals – Deadline October 1st

(photo: 90.5 WESA)

Allegheny County Council made it easier for homeowners to appeal property taxes before paying, aiming for transparency and efficiency with a deadline of October 1st for appeals for the following year’s taxes.

Allegheny County Council Passes Bill to Simplify Property Tax Appeal Process, Streamlining for Homeowners

Allegheny County Council has passed a new bill to simplify the property tax appeal process aiming to make it clearer and more efficient for homeowners. Residents often have to appeal their taxes after paying them, leading to confusion and multiple billing rounds. The new bill changes this by letting homeowners appeal before paying streamlining the process into one billing cycle, according the report of CBS News.

Mike Suley, a member of the Allegheny County Board of Property Assessment Appeals and Review and has been advocating for this change for over twenty years. He believes the current system is illogical and welcomes the new bill which prevents homeowners from paying taxes before their appeals are heard avoiding refunds and extra bills.

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(photo: Allegheny County)

Allegheny County Council’s New Bill Enhances Transparency and Efficiency in Property Tax Appeals Process

The bill aims to make the property tax assessment and appeals process more transparent. By aligning assessment, appeals, and tax payments, it benefits both homeowners and taxing bodies. Retroactive adjustments are eliminated, leading to a more stable budgeting landscape for households and taxing bodies.

For homeowners thinking of appealing their tax bills, the new bill offers a simpler path. They have until October 1st to appeal for the following year’s taxes, giving them enough time to navigate the process. With a proactive and transparent approach and the hope is that homeowners will find the process less intimidating and have more trust in the county’s tax system.

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