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2,324 Property Tax Appeals Filed in St. Joseph County: 60% Drop as June 17 Deadline Approaches – Must Know!

2,324 Filed as June 17 Deadline Nears

Property Tax Appeals Down by 60% in St. Joseph County

According to South Bend Tribune, As the deadline for property tax appeals in St. Joseph County approaches fewer Americans seem to be challenging their assessments this year. With the cut-off date set for June 17 only 2,324 property owners have filed property tax appeals by May 30. This is a significant drop from the 5,893 property tax appeals filed in 2023 according to Mike Castellon the County Assessor. Property taxes are a major source of revenue for local governments funding essential services like schools, police, and road maintenance. Every year property owners receive notices detailing their assessed property values and the taxes they owe. If owners believe their property has been overvalued leading to higher taxes they can file property tax appeals to contest the assessment.

This year there’s been a noticeable drop in the number of property tax appeals and there could be a few reasons for this. Maybe property values have steadied or even gone down meaning fewer property tax appeals are needed. It’s also possible that property owners are happier with their assessments but it could also be that some Americans just don’t know about the deadline or how to get property tax appeals. Assessor Mike Castellon wants property owners to really look at their assessment notices. “It’s crucial for Americans to know they can appeal if they feel their property’s value is off” he says. “Appealing can make sure everyone’s paying their fair share.” To file property tax appeals property owners just need to fill out a form for the County Assessor’s Office. It asks for details about the property and why the owner thinks the assessment’s wrong. Providing documents like recent appraisals or sales info for similar properties can make the appeal stronger.

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2,324 Property Tax Appeals Filed in St. Joseph County: 60% Drop as June 17 Deadline Approaches – Must Know! (PHOTO: KSN Law)

June 17 Deadline for St. Joseph County Property Tax Appeals

Furthermore, the property tax appeals deadline is June 17. If you miss it you can’t challenge your assessment until next year. Fewer appeals might help the Assessor’s Office but it could mean Americans don’t know about the deadline. Mike Castellon and his team are here to help residents understand the process. If you live in St. Joseph County check your assessment notice now. If you have questions or see an error act quickly. The property tax appeals’ process is fair and the Assessor’s Office can assist you.

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