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Medicaid in Crisis: Will Kids Like MJ Be Left Without a Lifeline?

A 14-year-old Boy’s Fight for Healthcare

Cook Children’s Health Plan: A Lifeline for Families

According to star-telegram, A 14-year-old boy named MJ has many health problems. He has to go to doctor’s appointments and therapy sessions often. He uses Medicaid, a special kind of health insurance that helps people with disabilities like MJ. But now, the government is making a big change that might affect MJ’s health insurance.

The government is taking away Cook Children’s Health Plan, a non-profit organization that helps people with Medicaid. This means that MJ and over 124,000 other kids like him will have to switch to a new health insurance provider. This could be hard for families who are already used to working with their current providers. It could also make it harder for kids like MJ to get the care they need.

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Medicaid in Crisis: Will Kids Like MJ Be Left Without a Lifeline? (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Will Kids Like MJ Be Left Without a Lifeline?

Many people are upset about this decision. They think that the government didn’t consider the benefits that local, non-profit organizations like Cook Children’s provide. The decision is not final yet, and Cook Children‘s is trying to appeal it. If the decision stands, it could be hard for kids like MJ to find a new health insurance provider that meets their needs.

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