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$16.9M EPA Funding Secured: Terri Sewell for Cleaner School Buses in Alabama – Part of Biden’s $5B Plan

(photo: ABC 33/40)

Terri Sewell got about $17 million from the EPA to switch old diesel school buses to cleaner ones in Alabama as part of Biden’s $5 billion plan for greener school buses nationwide.

Terri Sewell Secures $16.9M EPA Funding for Cleaner School Buses in Alabama

Congresswoman Terri Sewell recently announced a significant funding boost from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for cleaner school buses in Alabama. This funding totaling $16,910,000, aims to replace old diesel-fueled buses with cleaner alternatives benefiting both students’ health and the environment. It’s part of President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, showing a commitment to addressing environmental issues, according to the report of Shine My Crown.

The EPA’s Clean School Bus program is helping Alabama purchase over 51 clean buses across 10 school districts. These buses will reduce air pollution and health risks associated with diesel buses. Congresswoman Sewell praised the program for its positive impact on Alabama, highlighting how it saves money for school districts while promoting student success.

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President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Allocates $5 Billion to Transform School Bus Fleet, Aiming for Cleaner Transportation

President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law allocates $5 billion to revamp the nation’s school bus fleet, aiming for cleaner transportation. This initiative demonstrates the administration’s commitment to fighting climate change and protecting public health. By investing in sustainable technologies, the program charts a course towards a greener future.

The Clean School Bus Program is a beacon of hope in addressing the climate crisis. By replacing diesel buses with cleaner options, it reduces the transportation sector’s carbon footprint and sets an example for future environmental efforts. As communities face the challenges of climate change, investing in sustainable infrastructure becomes crucial for a resilient future.

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