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$2,000 Child Tax Credit Included in Illinois’ New Budget for Families with Young Children – Check Eligibilty!

Illinois Families to Receive Financial Help in 2024 Budget With New Child Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit Serves as Relief for Families with Young Children in New State Budget

According to Yahoo Finance, Illinois families with children 12 years old and younger could soon get a new child tax credit. This is part of the state’s new budget passed this week. The new child tax credit aims to give financial help to families making it easier to handle the costs of raising kids. The Illinois state government has approved a new budget that includes a child tax credit. Families with kids aged 12 and under can get this credit which will boost their household incomes.

Governor JB Pritzker stressed how important this new measure is. “Raising kids is costly and we want to ensure Illinois families get the support they need” he said. “This child tax credit will help make life a bit easier for parents.” The tax credit is part of a bigger budget plan that addresses various money problems faced by Americans in Illinois. This new measure is expected to help thousands of families across the state lowering their financial stress and helping them manage household costs better. Families that qualify for the child tax credit will get a certain amount of money for each child under 13. The exact amount and eligibility rules will depend on family income and other factors. This means low and middle-income families will likely get the most help from this new policy. The new child tax credit has received a lot of support from both lawmakers and residents.

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$2,000 Child Tax Credit Included in Illinois’ New Budget for Families with Young Children – Check Eligibilty! (PHOTO: Yahoo)

Critics Call for Broader Economic Reform as Illinois Implements Child Tax Credit in New Budget

Furthermore, many see it as a positive step towards helping families and ensuring children have what they need to thrive. Sarah Johnson a mother of two from Springfield said that ever financial help matters and the child tax credit is a big difference for them. However, some critics say more needs to be done to solve the bigger economic issues facing Illinois families. They argue that while the child tax credit is a good start it should be part of a broader plan for economic reform in the state. Despite these criticisms the new child tax credit is a big win for Illinois families.

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