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$75 Million Expansion: Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Announces Permanent Expansion of IRS Direct File Program – Check It Now!

(photo: Wall Street Journal)

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announces the permanent expansion of the IRS Direct File program.

IRS Direct File Program to Become Permanent, Expanding Deductions and State Integration, Announces Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen

The IRS’s online tax filing program, Direct File is becoming permanent announced Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. It’ll expand to include more deductions and integrate with state tax systems thanks to increased funding. Direct File started as a pilot project this year, according to the report of The Hill.

Commissioner Danny Werfel shared that the program’s scope will grow gradually, focusing on helping working families with common tax situations. Currently, Direct File handles W2 wages and a few credits like the Child Tax Credit.

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(photo: Business Insider)

Senator Ron Wyden Applauds Permanent Expansion of IRS Direct File Program Amid Criticism from Republicans and Private Tax Prep Firms

Senator Ron Wyden praised the move criticizing private tax companies for overcharging. But some Republicans and private tax prep firms oppose Direct File.

Expansion plans for Direct File raise questions about including other types of income like investment returns. Commissioner Werfel didn’t give specifics but mentioned the program’s commitment to gradual improvement.

Direct File will expand to more states beyond the initial 12 depending on their readiness. The cost for next year’s expansion could be up to $75 million according to estimates but the IRS plans to stick to its budget.

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