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Farm Bill Stalemate: Will Congress Pass a Deal Before Deadline?

Time is Running Out: Can Congress Pass a New Farm Bill?

SNAP Dispute: A Major Obstacle to Reaching a Deal

According to the Hill, Time is running out for Congress to pass a new farm bill. The current bill has been delayed for months, and it’s hard to agree on the changes. The main issue is how to help farmers and families who need food.

The government program that helps people buy food, called SNAP, is causing a big problem. Democrats don’t want to cut the program, but Republicans do. Senate Agriculture Chair Debbie Stabenow says this is a big obstacle to reaching a deal. She wants lawmakers to work together to find a solution. However, the Republicans’ plan to change SNAP is being strongly opposed by Democrats, who think it would be very bad for families struggling to make ends meet.

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Farm Bill Stalemate: Will Congress Pass a Deal Before Deadline? (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Farm Bill Showdown: Cost-Cutting Clashes Over SNAP

The debate over SNAP is not just about what’s fair or good, but also about how much money it would save. Republicans want to make sure that only inflation affects the program, while Democrats think this would be a secret way to cut the program. With the deadline for the farm bill coming up, it’s unclear if Congress can agree on a deal.

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