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VA Mortgage Relief: Saving Homes and Futures for America’s Heroes

VA Seeks Extension of Mortgage Relief Program for Veterans

New Program Aims to Help 40,000 Veterans Stay in Their Homes

According to UPI, The Department of Veterans Affairs wants mortgage lenders to help veterans who are struggling to make their mortgage payments. The VA is asking lenders to extend a special deal that helps prevent foreclosure. This deal is set to end on Friday, but the VA wants it to continue.

The VA’s new program will help over 40,000 veterans who are having trouble paying their mortgages. The program will allow the VA to buy back loans from mortgage companies, change the terms of the loans, and make it easier for veterans to pay their mortgages. This will help veterans keep their homes.

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VA Mortgage Relief: Saving Homes and Futures for America’s Heroes (PHOTO: WGCU)

VA Offers Additional Options for Veterans Struggling with Mortgage Payments

The VA has other options to help veterans who are struggling with mortgage payments. These options include making payments temporarily lower, creating a plan to pay back debt, and changing the terms of the loan. The VA is encouraging veterans to reach out to their mortgage companies to learn more about these options.

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