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$10,000 Payout: Americans Can Claim from $6 Million Planned Parenthood LA Data Breach Settlement – Are You Eligible?

Claim Up to $10,000 from $6 Million Planned Parenthood LA Data Breach Settlement

$6 Million Settlement Offers Up to $10,000 Compensation for Americans

According to The US Sun, Americans in a major city can now claim up to $10,000 due to a data breach settlement with Planned Parenthood LA (PPLA). Following a data breach in October 2021 that exposed sensitive information of over 400,000 patients Planned Parenthood LA has agreed to a $6 million settlement. The breach compromised names, insurance details and other personal information. A class action lawsuit argued that Planned Parenthood LA could have avoided this breach with better cybersecurity measures. As part of the settlement patients affected by this breach are eligible for compensation. Eligible claimants can receive up to $10,000 for expenses related to the breach. These expenses include bank fees, fraudulent charges, credit monitoring costs and identity theft damages.

Additionally, claimants can be compensated for lost time at a rate of $30 per hour up to a maximum of seven hours totaling $210. Apart from these payments the settlement includes statutory damages. The exact amount each claimant will receive depends on the number of Americans who file claims. If 10% of eligible members participate each will receive about $66.35. If only 2% file claims this amount could rise to $359.23 per claimant. Moreover, the settlement offers three years of credit monitoring and identity theft insurance through TransUnion. To be eligible for this settlement individuals must have received a notification from Planned Parenthood LA in November 2021 about the breach. Claims must be submitted through an online portal by July 6.

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$10,000 Payout: Americans Can Claim from $6 Million Planned Parenthood LA Data Breach Settlement – Are You Eligible? (PHOTO: Plain Finances)

Planned Parenthood LA , Roper St. Francis, Apple, and Capital One Cases Highlight Urgency to File Claims

Furthermore, this settlement is part of a growing trend of healthcare providers facing consequences for data breaches. For instance Roper St. Francis Healthcare is also paying $1.5 million after a 2020 breach compromised the information of around 190,000 individuals. Affected individuals can claim up to $325 for expenses related to this breach. The deadline for these claims is May 30. Other recent settlements include an Apple payout of up to $349 for eligible Americans and a $16 million settlement with Capital One highlighting the increasing financial consequences for companies that fail to protect consumer data. For those affected by the Planned Parenthood LA breach it’s crucial to file a claim before the July 6 deadline to receive their share of the settlement and take advantage of the offered protections against future identity theft.

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