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$233 Million Boost for Arizona Tribal Housing: Navajo Nation Gets $132.9 Million in HUD Grants

$233 Million Allocated for Arizona Tribal Housing

Navajo Nation Gets $132.9 Million, Other Tribes Benefit

According to Arizona Daily Independent, in a significant move to address the housing crisis in tribal communities over $233 million is being distributed among 20 tribes in Arizona. This funding part of the Indian Housing Block Grant from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) aims to provide low-income Arizona tribal housing for these communities. The distribution of the grants varies greatly. The Navajo Nation the largest tribe in Arizona is receiving $132.9 million in Arizona tribal housing while other tribes are getting slightly over $100,000. There are 22 tribes in Arizona so most tribes are receiving multi-million-dollar grants but two tribes are not receiving any funding. Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly praised the allocation of these Arizona tribal housing funds. The Navajo Nation in particular faces a poverty rate that is much higher than the national average. Kelly emphasized the urgency of the situation saying “Arizona is facing an affordable housing crisis which has hit our state’s Tribal communities especially hard. These grants will go a long way towards addressing the critical needs of Arizona’s Tribal communities and getting more Arizonans housed.”

Kelly also highlighted the broader impact of these investments stating “By investing in affordable and accessible housing we’re investing in the future of these communities and ensuring more families can thrive.” The total amount of $1.1 billion for the Indian Housing Block Grant is the largest it has ever been marking a 40% increase from the previous year. Acting HUD Secretary Adrianne Todman said “By prioritizing funding and support for housing in Tribal communities HUD is living up to its mission of ensuring that everyone in this country has access to affordable housing options.” Senator Sinema echoed these sentiments stressing the importance of accessible housing for all Arizonans. “All Arizonans deserve access to affordable housing. We’re proudly delivering today’s investments ensuring Tribal communities across Arizona have accessible affordable places to call home” she said.

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$233 Million Boost for Arizona Tribal Housing: Navajo Nation Gets $132.9 Million in HUD Grants (PHOTO: HUD User)

Arizona‘s Native American Housing Crisis Eased by Significant Funding

Furthermore, Arizona has the second-highest Native American population in the United States with 12.9% of the nation’s Native Americans living in the state according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This substantial funding aims to alleviate some of the housing challenges faced by these communities. The grants are expected to make a significant difference in the lives of many Native American families in Arizona providing them with safe affordable housing options and improving their quality of life. As these Arizona tribal housing funds are put to use the hope is that they will help bridge the gap in housing disparities and foster stronger healthier communities across the state.

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