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Medicare Fraud Exposed: Biden Brother’s Business Partner Pleads Guilty

Ex-Business Partner of James Biden Pleads Guilty to Medicare Fraud

Fountain Health’s Financial Ties to Americore Health Exposed

According to Nypost, a former business partner of James Biden, the brother of President Joe Biden, has agreed to admit that he did something wrong. Keaton Langston, 39, said that he and his company, Fountain Health, did some bad things to get money from Medicare. They pretended to do tests and orders that were not needed. This is very bad and against the law.

Fountain Health was a company that did lab tests for hospitals. However, the company that owned the hospitals, Americore Health, went bankrupt. Records show that James Biden was involved with Fountain Health in 2017 and got a loan from Americore in 2018. He promised to use his connections to get investors from other countries.

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Medicare Fraud Exposed: Biden Brother’s Business Partner Pleads Guilty (PHOTO: New York Post)

Importance of Transparency in Healthcare Industry Highlighted

It’s important to note that James Biden has not been accused of doing anything wrong and is trying to distance himself from Langston. The investigation is still ongoing and will look into what happened with Fountain Health and Americore. This case shows how important it is for people to be honest and transparent in their business dealings, especially in the healthcare industry.

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