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California Senate Passes Land Reparations Bills: Await Assembly, Governor Approval

(photo: AP News)

California’s Senate passed historic bills for reparations and racial justice creating a fund compensating for unfair land seizures, and establishing an agency to oversee reparations awaiting approval from the Assembly and Governor Newsom.

California State Senate Passes Historic Bills for Black Reparations and Justice

The California State Senate passed three crucial bills aimed at addressing historical injustices against Black Californians. Senator Steven Bradford their author stressed the state’s obligation to rectify past wrongs calling reparations a long-overdue debt owed to descendants of slavery, according to the report of Black Enterprise.

These bills establish a reparations fund compensate for land taken unjustly and create the California American Freedmen Affairs Agency which will oversee reparations genealogical research and legal support.

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(photo: CalMatters)

California Lawmakers Push for Historic Bills Addressing Racial Injustices and Reparations

Assembly Member Reggie Jones-Sawyer emphasized the importance of acknowledging California’s role in slavery. These bills now await consideration by the Assembly and Governor Gavin Newsom’s support though fiscal concerns may pose challenges.

While progress has been made it’s clear more work lies ahead. Senator Bradford and Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer stress the need for continued advocacy to address systemic injustices and close the wealth gap effectively.

These bills in California aim to make up for past racism. They create funds for reparations compensate for unfair land seizures and set up support for Black communities. Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer says it’s important to deal with California’s racist past. Keep pushing for these bills to become law because they can help fix inequality and show other states what to do.

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