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Over 500,000 DACA Recipients Eligible for Enrollment – Jackson Hole Immigrants Drive Local Economy, DACA Health Coverage Rule Revolutionizes Access

(photo: Reuters)

The Biden administration’s new rule granting health coverage to DACA recipients in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Jackson Hole Immigrants Key to Local Economy, DACA Health Coverage Rule a Game Changer

The Biden administration has passed a rule to give health coverage to DACA recipients marking a big step for their access to healthcare, according to the report of Public News Service.

In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where tourism thrives immigrants play a significant role in the workforce. While exact numbers are unclear, immigrants likely make up a large part of the population, contributing to various essential jobs.

Immigrants in Jackson Hole work in crucial roles like service, hospitality, and construction keeping the community running smoothly.

Over 500,000 DACA recipients in the U.S. lack health insurance. Until now, they couldn’t access healthcare through programs like the Affordable Care Act.

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(photo: The Century Foundation)

DACA Recipient Alin Yuriko Badillo Carrillo Advocates for Inclusive Healthcare Access

DACA recipient Alin Yuriko Badillo Carrillo highlights the importance of healthcare access for individuals and communities alike.

Starting November 1, DACA recipients can enroll in healthcare programs, marking a positive shift towards inclusive healthcare provision.

The new rule lets DACA recipients get health coverage they couldn’t before, which helps them and the community. Including DACA recipients in healthcare programs shows fairness and gives everyone a chance to be healthier, no matter where they’re from.

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