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Budget Battle in Illinois Lawmakers Rush to Finish Budget Amid Criticism

Budget Woes: Illinois Lawmakers Face Criticism

Lawmakers to Return Saturday to Finalize Budget

According to Gazette, As the Memorial Day holiday approached, Illinois lawmakers worked to finish the state’s budget for the next year. State Rep. Lindsey LaPointe, from Chicago, said the process has been clear and open. The budget is expected to match Governor J.B. Pritzker’s plan, which focuses on education and helping people with mental health issues.

Not everyone is happy with the plan. Senate Minority Leader John Curran, from Downers Grove, worries about how much money is being spent. “We don’t have control over spending,” he said. “Federal dollars have stopped coming, and [the Democratic supermajority] can’t adjust to that.” State Rep. Ryan Spain, from Peoria, also criticized the budget-making process. “We don’t have a clear budget to understand what we’re paying for,” he said.

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Budget Battle in Illinois Lawmakers Rush to Finish Budget Amid Criticism (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Illinois Budget Updates: Lawmakers to Return Saturday to Finalize Plan

The lawmakers will return on Saturday to finish the budget. The plan includes big projects, such as building new prisons and a quantum computing initiative. The plan will also add more debt to the state’s total bond authorization. With tensions running high, lawmakers may come back early next week to finalize the budget.

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