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$1.45 Million Avem Health Data Breach Settlement – Are You Eligible to Claim $7,000?

 $1.45 Million Avem Health Data Breach Settlement

File Your Claim for Up to $7,000 Today

According to The US Sun, Americans have just a few hours left to file a claim for a one-time payment from a $1.45 million settlement following a 2022 data breach by Avem Health Partners. The company agreed to this settlement after claims were made that it failed to prevent a data breach that compromised patient Social Security numbers and insurance information. The data breach occurred on May 14, 2022 exposing sensitive information such as birth dates, Social Security numbers, health insurance details, and protected health data. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit accused Avem Health Partners of negligence arguing that the company could have prevented the breach by implementing reasonable cybersecurity measures.

Those who were notified by Avem Health Partners about the potential compromise of their personal information are eligible for compensation. The settlement allows eligible individuals to receive up to $7,000 in reimbursement for losses like bank fees, credit expenses, fraudulent damages, and identity theft losses. Additionally, individuals can be compensated for five hours of lost time at a rate of $25 per hour. For those without data breach losses or who choose not to claim specific losses there is an option to receive a $100 payment. Apart from monetary compensation all class members are entitled to three years of identity theft protection and credit monitoring services. This includes credit monitoring from all three major bureaus, credit alerts, and fraud resolution resources. Additionally, class members can benefit from up to $1 million in identity theft insurance.

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$1.45 Million Avem Health Data Breach Settlement – Are You Eligible to Claim $7,000? (PHOTO: HealthITSecurity)

Claim Up to $7,000 from the $1.45 Million Avem Health Data Breach Settlement

To get money for what they lost Americans need to prove what happened. They can use things like bank papers, bills, and letters from the IRS. They must do this before May 25, 2024. Big groups of Americans with the same problem can team up in court in cases like this. Companies settle to avoid big costs and usually don’t say they did anything wrong. Avem Health Partners agreed to pay money to settle the case even though they didn’t admit fault. This is a good chance for Americans affected by the Avem Health data leak to get money back and protect themselves from identity theft. If you qualify act fast and file your claim before the deadline.

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