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UAW Scores Big Win for Workers: GM Workers to Receive $50,000 Bonuses in Historic Deal

Union Fights for Its Members

New Deal for GM Workers

According to Detroit News, The United Auto Workers (UAW) has made a big deal for General Motors (GM) workers. The union was able to get more workers to be eligible for a special retirement program. Originally, only 748 workers were eligible for a $50,000 bonus. But now all 1,412 production workers who signed up will get the bonus.

The UAW fought hard to make this deal happen. The union’s leader Mike Booth said it was because of the members’ feedback and pressure. The program is part of the UAW-GM contract and will give one-time payments to eligible workers who retire. The payments will be made on June 1st, July 1st or August 1st.

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Big Deals for Workers

The UAW is making big deals for its members across the industry. In addition to GM Workers, the union has also negotiated deals with Ford Motor Co. and Stellantis NV. These programs will give unlimited numbers of eligible workers a $50,000 bonus. The UAW is still working to make more deals including one for skilled trades workers who want to retire.

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