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Overtime Overhaul: Business Groups Take On Biden Admin’s New Rule

Business Groups Challenge Biden Administration’s Overtime Pay Rule

Lawsuit Claims Rule Would Harm Small Businesses and Management Employees

According to FastCompany, a group of business organizations in the US is trying to stop a new rule from the Biden administration. This rule would make many workers get overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours a week. The business groups think this rule is too much and would cause problems for them.

The lawsuit says that the US Department of Labor doesn’t have the power to make this rule and that it would hurt small businesses and non-profit organizations. The business groups also think the rule is flawed and could cause problems for management employees. The Labor Department hasn’t commented on the lawsuit.

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Overtime Overhaul: Business Groups Take On Biden Admin’s New Rule (PHOTO: Capital & Main)

The presiding judge in this case is Sean Jordan, appointed during the tenure of former President Donald Trump. The litigating parties include prominent business organizations such as the National Federation of Independent Business, the International Franchise Association, and the National Retail Federation. The verdict in this case holds significant implications for numerous employees and enterprises alike.

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