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Wyoming Property Tax Relief: Governor Gordon’s Game Plan for Financial Ease

Governor Gordon’s Plan: Easing the Strain of Wyoming’s Escalating Property Taxes

Unlocking Relief: Understanding Wyoming’s Property Tax Breaks and How to Apply

According to the public news service, Wyoming‘s property taxes have been going up a lot lately, and Governor Mark Gordon wants to help. After the pandemic, property values shot up, causing property taxes to rise by almost 50% between 2019 and 2023, according to the Wyoming Department of Revenue. To ease the burden on property owners, lawmakers passed several bills during the recent session to give different kinds of tax breaks over the next few years.

Understanding who gets help, how to apply, and when it all happens can be tricky. That’s why Governor Gordon and Department of Revenue director Brenda Henson are going to talk directly to taxpayers in a TeleTown Hall this Friday. Tom Lacock, who works with AARP Wyoming, says these changes have been planned for years, all aiming to help people deal with the rising property taxes.

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Wyoming Property Tax Relief: Governor Gordon’s Game Plan for Financial Ease (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Seizing Opportunities: Wyoming’s Enhanced Property Tax Benefits and Refund Program Deadline

Starting in 2025, older Wyoming residents, aged 65 and up, will see their property taxes cut in half, and veterans’ exemptions will double. This year, there’s also a 4% limit on how much property taxes can go up each year. Plus, more people will qualify for the state’s refund program, which can help with property taxes. Lacock wants people to know that the deadline to apply for this refund program is coming up soon, so it’s important to apply online or at the county treasurer’s office before it’s too late.

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