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Maryland’s MDCaps Website to Resume Operations Amid Federal FAFSA Form Changes: Streamlining Award Processing for Students

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The temporary closure of Maryland’s MDCaps website amid federal FAFSA form changes aims to address upload and award errors with officials aiming to resume operations tomorrow to streamline award processing for students who met the priority deadline.

Maryland College Aid Processing System (MDCaps) Temporarily Closed Amid Federal FAFSA Form Changes

Students in Maryland are facing another obstacle with the temporary shutdown of the Maryland College Aid Processing System website, known as MDCaps. This comes after the U.S. Department of Education made changes to the FAFSA form to make it shorter and simpler, but encountered problems during its rollout, according to the report of CBS News.

Maryland’s higher education system is dealing with various issues in adapting MDCaps to the new federal changes, such as trouble uploading completed applications and errors in award amounts. To address these issues and incorporate new records, MHEC has temporarily closed the MDCaps website.

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Assistant Director of Financial Aid at Morgan State University Optimistic as MDCaps Prepares to Resume Operations

Assistant Director of Financial Aid at Morgan State University, Tajah Pettway, believes the impact on students should be minimal, considering the extended FAFSA deadline has passed. Pettway is hopeful that the shutdown will help streamline the awarding process for students.

The MDCaps website will be back online tomorrow at 3 p.m., with officials aiming to quickly process awards for students who met the priority deadline for FAFSA or MHEC One applications. This effort demonstrates a commitment to assisting students during the financial aid process.

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Furthermore, this shutdown demonstrates authorities’ commitment to resolving issues promptly and ensuring students receive the financial aid they need for their education.

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